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MTL Fortnight 2011
MTL Fornight is a new initaive launched by MOE. It is conducted in schools for 2 straight weeks. During these 2 weeks, our Malay pupils will interact and consciously use the Malay language. In our school, the Malay Department started with a showcase of a visit the pupils made to Bandung. The pupils showcased their journey to the universities and an angklung factory. They were also treated to a fabulous angklung performance. The pupils were also introduced to the world of Kampung Games. The pupils were shown how to play games like gasing, tapak kuda, bola kertas, capteh and gasing. As they had not been exposed to such games before, the pupils really had a good time trying them out after our teachers demonstrated the games to them. The pupils then filled out a ‘passport’ to document the activities they had taken part in during the 2 weeks.


Motivational talk by Celebrity Speaker, Mr Suhaimi Yusof
Motivational talk by Celebrity Speaker, Mr Suhaimi Yusof As part of the MTL Fortnight, the Malay Department invited Mr Suhaimi Yusof, a well known celebrity, to share tips and pointers to our parents to motivate their children. Mr Suhaimi has a lot of experiences in reaching out to the Malay community at large. His easy-going style is always a hit with parents. The turn out for the event was very encouraging. The Malay department is looking forward to having more guest speakers to provide support for our parents.


P1 Reading Programme – 10M Aksara
Our school was chosen to be involved in the pilot of this exciting reading programme. 10M Aksara is a web based reading application where reading passages are tied to the topics taught in the MEKAR textbooks. The trained teachers will assign these reading passages to the pupils based on their abilities, therefore, differentiated instructions takes place. The better pupils are able to read more difficult passages while the weaker are assigned bite sized passages that will not overwhelm them. This ensures that they are still able to learn at their own pace. The teacher serves as a facilitator.
This application also contains an e-portfolio where the pupils are able to submit a written exercise online. Their friends are then allowed to read and assess their progress based on a rubric taught to them. This serves as a big motivation for the pupils, thus encouraging them to do better each time. This 10M Aksara also has a recording function where the pupils can record their reading and choose the best one to be submitted online. Their friends will then be able to listen to their readings. Again, based on a given rubric, pupils will be given assess the reading and comment accordingly.
The nature of the tool, i.e the web, appeals very much to our pupils pupils. Being digital natives, they are motivated to learn using such electronic devices.


P1 Enrichment – Rentak Cilik
Children learn best when they are having fun. Based on this philosophy, we engaged the pupils to learn through the use of well-loved children’s songs. We aimed to develop creative writing, vocabulary-building, rhyming, listening, music and life skills.
Pupils were taught a song at the start of the first lesson and from there, they learn moral values of the song. Through the engaging instructor from Mini Monsters, pupils learnt dance steps and the words to sing along to the song.
This was followed by a series of language activities where they will be guided to make their own word bank based on the theme of the song and the moral values learnt. Our pupils really enjoyed the lessons as it involved the body, mind and soul.